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Welcome to the Entity Framework Contrib project

EFContrib will attempt to centralize links to projects on CodePlex that will help you work more effectively with Entity Framework in your applications.

Code First Projects

  • SalarDbCodeGenerator ( Initial Release May 3, 2012. SalarDbCodeGenerator is a database first, code generator. It uses customizable patterns to generate different codes and models for applications. The generator engine is mostly optimized for C# but it can be used to generate any other programming language code.

EF4 Projects

  • Effort (alpha) ( Initial Release (alpha) April 25, 2012. Effort is a powerful tool that enables an easy way to create unit tests for Entity Framework based applications. It manipulates the behavior of EntityConnection or ObjectContext objects in a way that the data operations are executed by a lightweight in-process database instead of the underlying resource-heavy relational database. This mechanism makes possible to run data driven unit tests without the presence of the dependent database.
  • T4 Toolbox ( T4 Toolbox is a set of ready-to-use code generators and T4 extensions for Visual Studio. Quickly build powerful C# or VB templates that generate multiple output files or simply use existing templates for LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework and more.
  • EF4 Templates ( EF4 Templates uses T4toolbox to generate Repositories, Unit of work, POCO self-tracking entities that can be unit tested, along with validation for WPF, Silverlight RIA services and ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC. They also generate an ODATA service with authentication for usage with WPF.
  • Entity Visualizers ( This project has debugger visualizers for several objects in the Entity Framework: EntityObject, EntityCollection, ObjectQuery and ObjectContext. Some of the source code is based on code from Julie Lerman's book "Programming Entity Framework".

EF3.5 Projects

  • PostSharp4EF: Automatically implement IPoco (for EF 3.5/VS2008)

Community feedback

Please contribute to this project by either contributing code or giving feedback. Let me know if you are interested in the project and if you'd like to see it completed.

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 Ruurd Boeke Enterprise development and technobabble - EF-Contrib News Feed 

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