PostSharp4FE is not working with VS2008 SP1 Beta

Jun 12, 2008 at 10:17 PM


I just downloaded the latest postsharp4fe and tried to work with VS2008 SP1Beta things are not working.  Initally I had compilation errors for PostSharp4FE project I could fix the API that got changed in the recent SP1.  Now I could compile all the projects of PostSharp4FE and could generate the dlls.

Now I created my own domain object class library project and setup the csproj and psproj files to use PostSharp4FE: The project build itself was failing.  I ran the PostSharp.exe command from command line and got the following exception:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at EntityFrameworkContrib.PostSharp4EF.PocoAttribute.GetMetaDataWorkspace(String assemblyLocation) in c:\Software\efcontrib\EFContrib.Pos
tSharp4EF\EntityFrameworkContrib.PostSharp4EF.Public\PocoAttribute.cs:line 246
   at EntityFrameworkContrib.PostSharp4EF.PocoAttribute.ProvideAspects(Object element, LaosReflectionAspectCollection collection) in c:\Soft
ware\efcontrib\EFContrib.PostSharp4EF\EntityFrameworkContrib.PostSharp4EF.Public\PocoAttribute.cs:line 112
   at PostSharp.Laos.CompoundAspect.PostSharp.Laos.ILaosReflectionAspectProvider.ProvideAspects(LaosReflectionAspectCollection collection) i
n p:\branches\1.0\Laos\PostSharp.Laos\CompoundAspect.cs:line 62
   at PostSharp.Laos.Weaver.LaosTask.EnqueueAspects(ILaosReflectionAspectProvider provider) in p:\branches\1.0\Laos\PostSharp.Laos.Weaver\La
osTask.cs:line 196
   at PostSharp.Laos.Weaver.LaosTask.Execute() in p:\branches\1.0\Laos\PostSharp.Laos.Weaver\LaosTask.cs:line 411
   at PostSharp.Extensibility.Project.ExecutePhase(String phase) in p:\branches\1.0\Core\PostSharp.Core\Extensibility\Project.cs:line 1044
   at PostSharp.Extensibility.Project.Execute() in p:\branches\1.0\Core\PostSharp.Core\Extensibility\Project.cs:line 1082
   at PostSharp.Extensibility.PostSharpObject.ExecuteProjects() in p:\branches\1.0\Core\PostSharp.Core\Extensibility\PostSharpObject.cs:line
   at PostSharp.Extensibility.PostSharpObject.InvokeProjects(ProjectInvocation[] projectInvocations) in p:\branches\1.0\Core\PostSharp.Core\
Extensibility\PostSharpObject.cs:line 564
   at PostSharp.Console.Program.InternalMain(String[] args) in p:\branches\1.0\Core\PostSharp.Console\Program.cs:line 301

Is there any plan for updating the code to work with SP1 Beta?


Jun 14, 2008 at 2:12 AM
Hi Kesav,

yes. However, there is a holiday coming up soon, so I do not know when I will get this done.

I'm dedicated to bring EF to Silverlight. So I will start work on it as soon as I'm back.

The error you are showing does not necessarily have anything to do with SP1 beta though. It seems you are not passing the correct parameters. Did it work correctly before?