ObjectContext.CreateQuery<DateTime>("GetDate()"); // no longer working.... PLEASE HELP!


Hi, something that was working is no longer working with VS 2008 SP1 ?
This method gets the SQL Server date from the server.
public DateTime GetDate()
        // You got to be kidding me!! 
        var q = this.CreateQuery<DateTime>("GetDate()");
        return q.ToArray<DateTime>()[0];
Error: 'GetDate' cannot be resolved into a valid type constructor or function., near function, method or type constructor, line 1, column 8.
a. anyone know why this is not working or not support any longer
b. what is the best approach to call t-sql from EDM ? eg. GetDate() Please post the actual code - no one seems to know how to do something really basic like this.
My example was working fine ! Calling a function or proc does not seem to help! Please help!
I spent hours on this....